Your technical support

More than just aluminium product, we deliver a complete set of services.

Vue coupe | Axium Aluminium, usinage industriel

Requirement: Clearly define your project using aluminum pieces

From project conception, we will work with you to produce a clear and precise specification.

All our experience and expertise in aluminum manufacturing are at your disposal in the order to meet your expectations, whatever your level of knowledge of aluminum.

Vue 3D | Axium Aluminium, usinage industriel

3D Modeling : Your aluminum item will take shape

Thanks to our modern and successful tools, we can manufacture for any strength and size.

We will identify the best way to give your project the best properties.

Barrière | Axium Aluminium, usinage industriel

Axium Aluminum : a complete solution

For complex products, our team will design all the necessary accessories, whatever is the raw material: bolting, brackets…
These can be supplied by our team or could be part of the finished product.