Supplier network

We work with a confident supplier network and subcontractors in the order to guarantee the manufacture of all your items.
We also guarantee complete systems with an aluminium manufacturing profile.

Our suppliers and partners specialities:

• Foundry,

• Sheet metal workshop,

• Screw machining,

• Plastic injection,

• Bending,

• Soldering,

• Clamp,

• Glass,

• Plastic,

• Surface Treatment (lacquering – anodising),

• Packaging,

• Conditioning.

Beyond practices (professional ethics), Moreover, our partners have a proactive approach to quality, security and the environment.

Their service quality.

We work with suppliers and subcontractors that conform to our code of good practice.

Surface treatment area (Lacquering and anodising)

We work only with subcontractors certified by QUALICOAT, QUALIMARINE or QUALANOD.

Certifications Qualicoat, Qualimarine et Qualanod Axium Aluminium

We evaluate our suppliers and subcontractors once a year (inward evaluation). And if necessary, we commit them to set up an action plan for improvement.

Foundry, sheet metal workshop, plastic injection, welding, joints, bolting, glass, plastic, surface treatment (lacquering and anodizing, packaging…these are all the activities we manage for you.

You have to deal with one business during the whole project, from the design, to your product manifacture thanks to manufactured aluminium profiles.