Aluminium swimming pool fence

Barrières de piscine | Axium Aluminium, usinage d'aluminiumAxium Aluminium purposes products made for foreign markets dedicated to direct selling.

We make safety fences from aluminium modules that are ready to lay. Today that is the only way to secure your swimming pool permanently and efficiently.
Barrier specification

  • Easy to lay thanks to aluminium modules,
  • Adaptable for all type of swimming pool,
  • Security and strength,
  • Aesthetical,
  • Conform to the “NF P90-306 standard”


  • 2m, 1.5m, 1m aluminium details
  • Prebuilt gate
  • Fixing post/gate with 2 pegs
  • Rounded post and transparent panels.

Adaptable for all type of swimming pool,

Certifications Barrières Piscine Axium Aluminium• Different modules widths conception and the 3 gates grooves permit 3 fences starting and allow first standard swimming pool fences and variable angles fences too.

• When the safety fence is used with a wall, the height of the wall must prevent a child from geting to the swimming pool (min height: 1.10m).

• The fence must be 1m from the pool and must be near the swimming pool perimeter.

Our safety fences are available for purchase from these retailers:

Barrieres de piscine aluminium

Distributeur de barrières de piscine en aluminium